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Remer Miro is a feature-rich, cutting edge, and uber-luxurious collection. It is a piece of art in the form of a mirror to embellish your bathroom space. The rectangle mirror is highly functional yet a super chic piece for your bathroom space. This futuristic mirror is akin to a wall décor that is very sensibly crafted. 

The rectangle led mirror is supremely upmarket yet remains clean and basic. It does not go excessive with too much detailing and is not complex in design. The rectangle LED mirror is optimal and minimally designed. All four sides of the rectangle are lit up, emphasising the lighting and bringing out the depth and precision within the space it has been installed.

Frames and colours

The Miro collection is frameless fixtures which spell luxury and poise. They are pure glass ecstasy with no colours or frames, giving a futuristic and modern guise to the entire bathroom. 

They are laden with countless features to live up to the present-day appeal of a progressive and highly advanced restroom décor. These features can incrementally boost the exclusive quotient of the said space. Here’s what it covers: –

Features and more 

The Remer Miro collection stands out like none other with a staggering number of features. The copper-free rectangle mirror has several versions. They are appended with LED backlights and come with a demister and a defogging component. Additionally, they are also brimming with other facets like a Bluetooth feature, a swagger-worthy touch sensor and a magnifier to give a holistic experience.

This high-end bathroom mirror line-up is a league apart. With its explicit and distinct attributes and modus operandi, this collection is an investment that would fail none and stun all.